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It’s been such a long time since I last posted, but I feel I need to come back to writing down my thoughts and getting them out of my head. Whether they be about coding and my goal of moving fully into front end development or about my favorite television shows. Not sure how frequent I’ll be able to post, but I’m going to shoot for at least once a week.

I’m still working as a Email Producer/Developer at my current place of employment. For the emails, I use HTML and CSS to code them. JavaScript is used to pull in dynamic content, i.e. images, links, paragraphs. 50% are coded from scratch: Photoshop file to HTML. The other 50% is updating or re-purposing existing templates.

Even though I code emails, I also work on front end development projects. I’ve created two HTML email generator tools. One used JavaScript and the other jQuery. I need to make time to add the final styling touches to them. I’m going use Sass to create my CSS files, so I can get some more experience using Sass. I have plans to read up on AngularJS & Ruby, and see what I can build with either.

Some of my projects and old code wars problems can be found on my GitHub: https://github.com/spialelo. I should really get back to doing at least 2-3 problems, weekly. Well, that’s it for tonight. I’ve got an early morning tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!