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Like the title states, I’m going to fight my impostor syndrome/fear of failure. I doubt myself and my skills, while I have seasoned developers I look up to tell me they think I can definitely do it. So if they believe in me, I need to believe in me. If I don’t know something or run into a problem, try to resolve it myself first and if I’m unable to I’m going to ask help. An article I recently read said to code and share your code, even if you don’t think it’s great. Just keep coding and pushing to your Git repo. Eventually I’ll get better and possibly advice on how to improve.

I have three website projects I want to work on:

  • Restaurant website
  • Physician’s website
  • Fashion; specifically sneakers website

As of now, I’ve been googling layout and color scheme ideas. Forcing myself through this fear. I’ve found a few layouts that I like but want to alter to fit what I want. Now I just need to sketch up my ideas roughly and stay focused. If I want to get my front end web development role and maybe one day to move into a more ui front end development role, I have to get to work and chip away at my fear of failure. I hope to have them done by summer; very lofty goal for me, or by fall/winter the latest. I want to have three portfolio worthy sites. On another note, I need to figure out how to migrate my personal site to WordPress.org.

Thanks for reading!