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Hi all,

Forgive me for being absent for a month. Last month, I was engrossed in something to help me steer my career on the path that I want it to be on, but it did not work out. However, during that time it showed me that I knew more than I thought and I was also very capable of picking up new things. I saw that I even had a draft post for February started but didn’t get around to finishing it, when I went to start this post. I will elaborate more on my missing month, in a later post and complete that previous draft post.

On Tuesday, I attended my first New York Tech Meetup and I loved it. Here’s some of the things that I remembered, thanks to my notes:

  • A group of students from different schools, presented apps that they were developing. “Know Your Neighbor” app provided a way for your neighbor to help you or you to help your neighbor. For example, sign for a package upon your behalf, if you are not home to sign for it yourself. The other app, “MyT”, provided translation service, in the form of a translator, either in person or possibly remotely through your phone.
  • Lyft, the car service that makes getting around the city easier and more convenient, showcased their app. The app is used both by the passenger and the driver. You can switch between each view, by tapping the steering wheel. The presenter also mentioned a service that they can provide to companies, for when employees have to stay late.
  • Invest_agator presented by Eric Schles; I’m praying I spelled his last name right, was by far, my favorite. The goal of this app is to fight human trafficking. The creator of it, is so passionate about his work and helping others, which captured my attention right away. I plan to keep checking online, for further news and progress relating his app. I would love to hear one day in the news, that the app was instrumental in bringing down a big human trafficking ring.
  • LeaseBreaks presented on how they provide ways for tenants, with the landlord’s consent, to break their lease or to help people looking for short-term rentals. I was quite jealous to hear this was only for NY.
  • AirHelp. Please write this down somewhere. If you ever end up on a delayed flight, stuck on the runway waiting for hours, or the airline loses your luggage, AirHelp will help you with your claim. Of course they get a percentage of your claim if it is successful. If it’s not successful, it is free of charge. I’m going to mention this service to my friend, who just traveled overseas. He mentioned on his Facebook page, that the airline lost his luggage.
  • Kollecto, where were you when I moved into my first apartment. Or where were you when I was in college? You get your own art adviser and based on the art styles you liked, when setting up your account, they will pick pieces for you to review, that are within the pricing tier you chose. When I move, I’m going to look to this site to help me decorate my place.
  • Peloton would allow users to take spinning classes from the comfort of your home and engage with other users worldwide. You can adjust resistance, modify what you want the screen to show, i.e. distance, heart rate, calories burned. Oh, is that a leader board screen to the right. Raise your hand if you are a bit competitive? *raises hand* I must be in the top 10 and then top 5.

That is what I was able to remember from my few bits of notes on my smart phone. Next time, I’m going to use Evernote. I did some quick searching on the internet right after finishing the bulleted list above and found the Vimeo of the meetup.

I stated on my Facebook page on the night of the meetup, that the NY Tech Meetup was really inspiring and I still feel that way a few days later. I need to hang out with more people, interested in technology and code. I feel by surrounding myself with people in the field that I am more than interested in joining, my skills would develop more steadily.

The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.

– Epictetus

As always, thanks for reading.

– Nicole