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I wanted to share some other things, that are going on in my life, besides my career goal for this year. The title of this post, pretty much nails the points I will be covering.

1. After doing the strand test for possibly the 5th or 6th time, I know without a doubt, I have low porosity hair. It floated every single time and it floated for over an hour, this latest test. Definitely means I’m going back to my warm water washes/rinses & using heat when I deep condition. I plan to go back to following Naptural85’s tips, as close as possible. I just need to figure out whether the LOC or LCO method is right for my hair, for moisture retention. I also need to figure out combining that method with gel, during my wash and go days.

2. I’m doing the Whole30 this February, plus two days in March to make it 30 days. I’m doing the program, to see if my digestive issues get better. I’ve also looked into finding a nutritionist. I’m starting Monday, since I have brunch plans tomorrow. It will end the 4th day of March.

3. I’m still reading A Feast for Crows. I need to finish this book before the next season starts. I’m also still reading Jon Duckett’s JavaScript & jQuery book. Almost at the halfway point.

4. Currently getting caught up in American Horror Story: Freakshow. After I finish it, I have to make the choice of continuing Breaking Bad or starting Luther. I also have to get caught up on any episode of Arrow & The Flash, that I may have missed.

As always, thanks for reading.

– Nicole