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On Wednesday, I received the usual subscription newsletter from seanwes announcing his newest podcast: Taking Action. Thankfully, Sean gives a bit of a run down of what the podcast is about in the email, so I knew what points he would touch on. After looking it over quickly, I knew I had to listen. Sean talked about taking action. Don’t be the person that does tutorials or studies all the time. Put what you have learned into action. When I heard this, a smug little voice in the back of my head was going “told you so”. I’m guilty of absorbing lots of information/knowledge but I have a hard time taking action & using my knowledge on new projects.

Sean also touched on the the “fear of failure” and how if you’re not failing, then you are not trying. I think it’s the fear of failure/”impostor syndrome”, I need to get over. I know I don’t want to code email for the rest of my life, so I’m ready to take action and fail a bit on the way to becoming a better front end developer.

Further encouragement to stay dedicated, came later in the week from a post I saw on Joel Olsteen’s Facebook page on Wednesday:

You have skills that can open new doors, skills that can lead to an abundant life, but those skills have to be developed. Every day you spend growing and learning gets you prepared for a new level.

I’ve got more learning to do and I’ve got to put into practice, what I’ve learned. That’s all for tonight. I may do another post this week, about other things in my life. I’ll get started on an outline, tomorrow. As always, thanks for reading.

– Nicole