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Hi all, just giving an update/post, so I can stick to my goal of blogging more this year. This past week, I’ve sent out my resume to multiple places, and have spoken with a recruiter at an agency. It gets frustrating when you see how many languages or skills they require of some of the junior positions. I know I need to create more code samples and a site or two, to display my knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & jQuery. A lot of places keep asking for frameworks, so I have plans to look at Angular.js. I don’t think I can focus on more than these for now. Anymore and my brain would overload. I know that front end/UI development interests me the most, so I’m going to stick to my guns and keep working towards my goal.

I did some more playing around with skrollr.js. I believe I understand how it works. I’m currently trying to recreate the same animation, consistently for 3-4 slides. I need to get offset from the top/bottom right on each slide, to ensure the animation happens at the right spot. I now see after fiddling with it, that I should have tackled this part first for my site, and then worry about other extra CSS3 or jQuery animations afterwards. But then again, I feel that would have held me up more. It may just be less of a headache to leave my site as is, with a few tweaks that will need to be made, and use skrollr.js in a quick site to help build my portfolio. We’ll see.

I’m currently on Book 4 of Game of Thrones book series, A Feast for Crows. I need to read faster?=! Before I know it, the series will be back on TV and social media will be spoiling it for me. My pretty ambitious goal, when you take into consideration how big these books are, is to finish it by the first half of February. I originally wanted to finish by end of January/beginning of February. Quite a few people told me this was their least favorite book, but I’m finding it a good read. It’s no book 3 or book 1, but I’m still making my way through. I believe I’m 20% through according to my Kindle.

Last but not least, I’m sharing a piece for Levo League, The Secret to Reaching Those Big Goals. I especially like the idea of making a daily list of 2-3 things you want to do, to help bring you closer to your goals. I believe this would be a good way to keep me focused on my goal, in spite of external factors. I’m going to do this exercise this week and report back, on how it turned out and what I accomplished. Recognizing things you accomplished that week, even if it is a small accomplishment, is another idea that I am fond of. Levo League seems to post things, at the right moment for me.

I’m thinking Sundays or Mondays would be good days to post, in an attempt to stick to a schedule. I’m going to add the task to my calendar. As always, thanks for reading!