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Quick update:

  1. Thinking of doing some small projects using Foundation, to help build up my portfolio. Afterward, I’m going to look into Bootstrap.
  2. I still need to implement Skrollr.js on my site to give it the parallax scroll effect. It’s number one on my to-do list on Glip.
  3. I’m looking into making Tumblr themes to build my portfolio, and put into practice things that I learn. It was recommend to me by a developer, I trust and respect. I need to look up how to go about doing so.
  4. I need to finish this Ruby app, from a one day online crash course I signed up for. So far it does what it’s supposed to, but now needs to be fleshed out more. This is number two on Glip.
  5. It was recommended to me to also check out Angular.js, while I read up on JavaScript & jQuery.
  6. And last but not least, I came across this article after Christmas and it keeps popping up in my head ever since. Hi, I’m a UX Developer – You’re a what? This last paragraph is what keeps coming to mind,

    As you can see, defining what a UX developer is can be a bit fuzzy. Like some sort of geeky, mythical creature, they are part designer, part developer. I’ve heard them described as a sort of human Flash Catalyst. If you find yourself in that middle ground between the design and the technology and you enjoy merging the two together, then a UX developer role is for you! Just be prepared for the quizzical looks you’ll get every time you tell someone what you do for a living.

That’s all for now! I’m going to have to add update my blog, onto my Google Calendar so my posts aren’t so few and far apart, during the new year.