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I know I deal with doubt, when it comes to my web development skills. I question whether I’m good enough or smart enough, to learn all of these new languages. But before I spiral down into a sea of negativity, I remind myself of this quote & repeat it to myself:

The expert at anything was once a beginner. – Helen Hayes

I know that I’m passionate about learning and I like looking at websites, pondering how certain effects were created. If I have the interest and the passion to learn, then I know I just have to keep learning & practicing.

With that said, I would like to share this podcast from Sean McCabe about “How to Overcome Self-Doubt, Get Rid of Anxiety, and Stay Focused”.

Self-doubt is paralyzing. “Do I have what it takes?” “What if my best isn’t good enough?” “What if I fail?”

It’s not just if you’re a beginner either. Even people who are successful struggle with self-doubt regularly.

But they have learned how to consistently resolve the feelings of self-doubt or impostor syndrome.

We talk about how to overcome feelings of paralysis, what to do to keep self-doubt minimized and less likely to resurface, as well as why the phrase “could be” is keeping you from ever accomplishing anything. – Sean McCabe

I found the podcast very inspiring. I hope it will help someone else, struggling with self doubt and/or fear of failure.

After I finished typing the above up, I was listening to another Seanwes podcast. He dropped some more words of wisdom, that I had to share.
014: Making a Living at a Niche Pursuit with “The Trifecta”

You don’t need to have a ton of experience to do the first thing. The first thing you do is always going to be the first thing. You have to do something first. Don’t wait until you have all the experience in the world to start something. Just start something. Learn by doing, and practicing, and failing. It will take you to the next thing. – Sean McCabe

His podcast partner, also gave me a kick in the butt, to get me to test the waters of the freelance world.

Use the skills you have to solve other people’s problems in exchange for money. – Aaron

They mentioned, taking a look at what you do when you don’t have work and free time. I thought about this. I usually either read, draw, or do something relating to web development, either reading some new post from some web dev expert or working on improving my skills. I know I like being creative and I like to code when it incorporates my creativity. I think I’m headed down the right track. Okay. Off to listen to another podcast, while I do my 9-5. They really help me get through my day job, and motivate me for my after work projects.