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Quick update:

  1. I have created a schedule on my Google Calendar to keep me focused on my Web Dev studies.
  2. Thanks to an acquaintance via a former coworker, who I think could be a mentor, I now use a site online to project manage my web dev projects, Glip. I’ve added my site and this app I started working on, as projects.
  3. I think I mentioned that I completed both the JavaScript & jQuery on Codecademy, so I’ve moved on from there for now.
  4. I’ve been hard at work on my site. It won’t be anything stellar when done, but I’m glad that I have worked on it 1-2 days a week, consistently.
  5. Speaking of my site, I’ve started to push my work to GitHub, so I’ve been improving my Git skills: https://github.com/spialelo 
  6. Back to how I said I moved on from Codecademy. I’m now trying to do Codewars problems 1-2 a week: http://www.codewars.com/users/spialelo. The problems are definitely challenging. They lead to me doing research, primarily on Mozilla Developer, and working my way through the problems. Also, the use of stackoverflow.
  7. Still working my way through HeadFirst JavaScript.
  8. I only read about 1-5 pages of JavaScript & jQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development. I definitely need to read more of the book in October. At least get 1/4 of the way through.
  9. All that’s left on my site, is to implement parallax scrolling effect, I think. Then I just need to create code samples, to put in the Code Sample section. Wishful thinking: implement parallax over the weekend.

Note: Today I received my Weekly Codewars email, and saw they had a “You Can’t Code Under Pressure #1” challenge. I did the challenge and was able to solve it under 5 minutes. *shocked face* I did have to do quick research when the first solution I was thinking was the answer did not pass the test. However, I knew what to look for. Then since I was on a happy high, I decided to do another. I solved that one. Then another, with the help of Mozilla Developer, I solved that. I decided to do one more, which required a bit of reading on Mozilla Developer, StackOverflow, and other sources, but I finally reached the correct answer, after going all around. But I amazed myself with my knowledge. I knew how to use the String object and it’s properties, the same with the Array object. I knew that a for loop had to be used and that charAt() was needed. Thought I needed, toString(), but I didn’t. I knew how it worked though. *happy face with thumbs up* New things that I learned and want to revisit to make sure I understand it: nested functions[!!!], closure[!!!], and the use of .reverse()[!], .split()[!], & .join()[!].

I’m good when it comes to HTML5 & CSS3. I get it right away, even though I occasionally have to Google clearfix and a few tiny things. JavaScript & a bit of jQuery, sometimes has me doubting myself. However, after today’s good run on the Beginner problems, I know that I can solve these problems. It may take research or taking a break and then coming back to it, but I can solve the problems. It feels so good when I solve a problem and know how & why it works. My goal is to complete all the “Beginner” problems by the end of the year and hopefully move onto the “Novice” ones. I do “Novice” problems also. [Beginner/Novice] They mix them in.

That’s all for now. Finishing up my day time work & then heading home to watch Scandal. I originally planned to hit the gym for a second workout of the day and then return for Scandal. End of quarter workload changed that plan. Until next time, thanks for reading!