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Tonight, I told myself when I came into my apartment, I had to dedicate an hour to coding and I did. I figured out why my styles were not applying to the gallery section. Such a stupid error. I swear it always is. Always rule out a missing semi-colon, period, or an extra-space. I even ran my code through W3C CSS validator and it came out practically perfect. I didn’t completely recode. I took out the section that I was having an issue with and created a test HTML & CSS file, and troubleshooted. Glad I got that out of the way, now I can proceed with that section. While doing so, I’m going to clean up my CSS, so I can find sections quicker next time. That is all. I’m going to look at Head First JavaScript for 15 minutes, before turning in. I want to make sure something web development related, is the last thing I read before going to bed, so my brain can work on processing it while I sleep.