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No posts for almost two months. Shame on me. However, I have been hard at work studying.

I’ve completed the “HTML/CSS” course & the “JavaScript” course on Codecademy. 46% of the way through on the “jQuery” course and 87% of the way through on the “Web Projects” course. My Codecademy Profile

I’ve also purchased a great deal on web development courses on Udemy and have completed the “Build a Website from Scratch Using HTML/CSS” course and I’m 78% through the “PSD to HTML/CSS” course. Next up will either be “Become a Web Developer From Scratch” or “Learning JavaScript Programming Tutorial”. I think I will go with the JavaScript one because I really want to improve my JavaScript skills and my understanding of object oriented programming. Plus, it is the shorter of the two courses. I also an endless amount of course on Lynda.com that I have bookmarked to view. Codewars.com is currently kicking my butt in JavaScript, which shows me, I need to study it more. I’m going to carve out a time slot for when I come home from work, to work on my web development skills. I need to plan one for the weekends too.

I’m going to go home tonight and make an effort to work on the jQuery portfolio section of my site. It’s the only major thing left for me to code. I’ve set up two freelance profiles in hopes of getting some freelance work, but I’ve been unable to get anything.
Freelancer Profile
Elance Profile

I guess in the meantime, I will just have to Google “simple website layouts” or “website layouts” and attempt to recreate them myself, so I can develop my portfolio. I can try giving myself a schedule like: 3-5 days to sketch/layout the website, 3-5 days to create the HTML structure, and then maybe 2 weeks to get it done. This could be my schedule for each web site.

The end of June is the second end of quarter. I would like to have by the following end of quarter, end of September, at least 5-7 good examples for my portfolio. I’m sure this is slow by experienced developers standards, but this is what I’m shooting for. I hope to have this done by then, so that I know I’ll have some solid work to back up my skills when job hunting, and hopefully find something in web development, before the end of the year and the next end of quarter.

Time for me to speed walk/run for my train home & dodge the impending rain storm. I’ll check back in tonight with an update about my site.

UPDATE: Spent a good hour last night trying to get Shadowbox.js to work and it refused to. Even the video I found on the set up on Youtube, that I followed to a “T”, did not help. I switched to Lightbox.js and that worked right away. No issues at all. Still wonder why it didn’t work, but for now I will use Lightbox for the gallery area. Now I just need to re-size the images & make thumbnail versions for them, and then the gallery will be done.