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Did you all think I forgot about my web site progress update? Nope. I did a rough draft of the About Me section, for my site. When I wrote it up, I realized that Microsoft Front Page, was what led to me learning about HTML & CSS. I think after that, I delved into the world of Geocities and afterwward making sure my Xanga/MySpace page theme had the right color scheme/design became a hobby of mine. I’m more than 50% positive I will end up rewriting the copy. The bookworm in me feels compelled to write two more drafts, before giving it the final seal of approval. My high school English/History teachers are to blame for this.

About Me page semi-finished

About Me page semi-finished

This week, I hope to take the time to start reviewing the functionality of Shadowbox/Lightbox for the portfolio section. My idea: I would like to be able to show thumbnails of the sites. Once you click on the thumbnail, you can quickly scroll through maybe 2-3 screenshots of the site. In the caption/description area, I will offer a short description and the ability to go to the live site. Fingers crossed that I successfully implement it. I’ve done the codecademy jQuery track in the past and plan to revisit it for a refresher. Will also check out the try.jquery.com site and some jQuery/JavaScript books I have on my Kindle for assistance. In between working on the Shadowbox/Lightbox, I’ll work on the rewrite of the “About Me”. The jQuery aspects of the site may take a while, so I maybe posting a lot about it. Possibly some code snippets to share and ask for input.

I am quite pleased that I have been putting in work on my site every week consistently, putting my skills & knowledge to work. Hopefully tonight, after the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ series finale(Ah! Barney & Robin better end up together) and a quick session at the gym, I can put in a bit of time towards my site. Until next time, thanks for reading!