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My portfolio site is still under construction. However, instead of keeping it squirreled away on a folder on my computer, I have uploaded it in a sub folder on my site. It’s one of my ways to motivate me to finish this. I need to stop putting it off. Here’s a good article about this from the Harvard Business Review Blog Network, with tips. I think I fall into the category of “Reason #1: You are putting something off because you are afraid you will screw it up”. A part of me knows that I know my HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3 & a bit of JavaScript/jQuery, but I doubt myself, which leads to my procrastination. I need to stop doubting myself and get to work.

Solution: I’m going to make weekly tasks relating to my site, that have to be completed, to keep me focused. I will make myself spend time every day, working towards the goal of completing that task. Even when I’m tired after work or from a post-work gym session, I will work on it. I won’t work on it after a work happy hour. Not a good idea. The completion of each task, brings me closer to the completion of my site. Sounds like a good plan. Right?

Once the site is tackled, I will pursue more freelance work via Elance and pro bono work. Pro bono work? Yes. I need to get more experience and build my portfolio. Pro bono work is another means of achieving both of those things. I’m also planning on re-doing sites that I come across that need a bit of “help”. We all know those sites when we see them. The typography may be off or styling on the site is inconsistent. It’s another way to build my portfolio. I will also make random sites for friends/family or relating to something that has to with my friends/family. Sometimes just for fun, I may attempt to recreate more parts/sections of popular social networking sites, as a means to test myself. I’ve already done a small section of LinkedIn for my temporary site landing page.

Well that’s enough for tonight. But before I sign off, I will tell you my task/tasks for this week. 1) Fully flesh out the home page which involves styling the image and a quick blurb/intro. 2) Complete the “About” copy with an aside or two thrown in, to make it more personal. I will move onto this task only if “Task 1” has been completed. I will make sure to check back in with a quick post on the completion and a link to it. Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for my site status post, later in the week.