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While perusing tumblr for examples of design that I found interesting, I decided to change my search criteria to “dream jobs”. I wanted to see what others had to say about it. I came across a post featuring another a blog, that touched on the subject. Samantha Penner of The Peak of Très Chic, in the post “On Following Your Dreams”, talks about when she came to the conclusion, her job wasn’t fulfilling her and it was leaving her unhappy. She was so unhappy she was brought to tears on more than one occasion.

This kept me satisfied for a good year or so, until finally I couldn’t deny the fact that it wasn’t normal to cry everyday when you left work.

After reading her post, it resonated with the part of me that was feeling the same lately. Every day, I go to work & hate what I do. Not because I’m not good at it. I can code HTML emails with ease. I despise it because I just don’t enjoy it. It’s monotonous. I don’t feel I have learned anything new from this position. The last new thing I learned was mobile optimization/responsive design. I refuse to count SQL because I was initially taught that in college. All I did, was refresh my knowledge of it. Mobile optimization is the only thing, after 2-3 years there. While on my own, for the past 3 months, I’ve picked up new semantic from HTML5 & CSS3. I’ve also put improving my Javascript/jQuery, learning Git, learning node.js, & learn vanilla.js, on my list of things to work on, for further improvement.

That’s why I made a decision a few months ago, when I started studying. It’s time to move to front end web development. As you can see, I have a lot to learn. However, I’m committed to learning them. I won’t be bored. I will have something new to learn. I will work on creative, sometimes hair pulling-drive me crazy-so frustrating projects, but that’s to be expected. In the end, maybe the front end development path may not work out for me either. Yet, I won’t know until I try. I’ve started applying for positions this month. I was initially going to wait until the beginning of next year, but circumstances changed my mind. Also, I was advised since the job hunting will take awhile and since most companies secure their new workers by November, I should start applying. At least my resume will be out there & I will be already very active in my job search.

I applied for two within my company, and I believe three outside. One from my company never got back to me and the other said I wasn’t qualified. I’m still waiting to hear from the outside ones. I’m not going to make a crazy, rash jump. I want to have my head on my shoulders and really think about it, before I make a decision. Until that moment arises, I will keep studying/practicing via self-initiated projects and applying for jobs. Wish me luck!