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I finished World War Z last week and enjoyed every page. Now that I’ve finished the book, I will definitely say it is way better than the movie. The descriptions of how certain nations would react or how their personalities are perceived, are pretty accurate. I would re-read it again.

I took a 1-2 day break from reading, before picking back up my Kindle and deciding to continue reading A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. I had already started it sometime a few months back. I initially decided to read it, to find out what the hype was about, regarding the show on HBO. Since I no longer have cable, I will have to rely on the books for all of my knowledge. I was dragging my feet reading it, up until maybe two days ago. I reached a scene in the book that had my mind screaming, “No! Oh my God! That’s not right! What madness is this?!”. After that scene, I’ve had a hard time putting the book down.

So far the characters I like the most are:

  • Jon Snow
  • Arya Stark
  • Tyrion Lannister
  • Daenerys Targaryen

Jon Snow and Arya are so full of life and brave. Tyrion, I liked right away, but there has been a scene recently that has me doubting him. I hope that I am wrong. As for Daenerys, I hope she ends up better off soon. Such a nice young lady, shouldn’t have to deal with what’s happening to her. I silently fear the author will end up killing them off. I pray they survive this book or it will break my heart. Now that I’m hooked on the story, I think I may finish this book by the end of the month, the latest.