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DISCLAIMER: This was the last post from my retired Blogspot. Bringing it over here, to remind myself to start painting/spraying my primed Munny. That is all. Continue reading.

I recently purchased some DIY(do-it-yourself) vinyl toys to design. I’ve always wanted to give it a try and the winter is the perfect time to do so. I don’t like going out a lot during the winter, except to go to the gym, so I’ll have time to work on these. [SIDEBAR: I didn’t work on them during the winter. I was too tired after the gym and work left me drained.]

Toys purchased:
Tokidoki Unicorno (1)
Kidrobot Mini Munny (2)
Kidrobot Munny (1)

I did research online and on the Kidrobot forums about what to use, when designing/painting them. Some people work with acrylic paints and others use oil based paint markers, like the Sharpie Paint brand, DecoColor, & I think Krink also. I saw the Krink brand at the Utrecht art store, in the city. I must do some research into the brand. I’ll be using the DecoColor markers, if they work out well, and acrylic paint to design my toys to begin with. Maybe occasionally regular Sharpie markers. I also purchased plastic primer(Gold Tech), as was recommended, and two types of finishes(Krylon): matte & crystal. I also purchased masking tape and sandpaper, not pictured here.

Here is my design for my first Mini Munny, on my tumblr. I think I went overboard and may have a problem painting in some of the details.

I laid down the color scheme I plan to use, quickly with color pencils, and then I even drew the design onto the tiny Mini Munny character sticker that comes with the toy, to see if it would fit. It seems it would. Fingers crossed that this doesn’t turn into a hot mess.

Thanks for reading!

[SIDEBAR: Now that I don’t have cable, I must start this. My Munnys, reading, & organizing my apartment, are top priorities for the rest of the year. I hope.]